The Parking Expert’s Tips on Where to Park your Car in Manhattan During the Holiday Season

* Rockefeller Center – look for streets on the West Side that become

free at either 6pm or 7pm – like 53rd St. between 8th – 10th

Avenues* Times Square/Theatre District – streets in the 40’s also become free at

either 6pm or 7pm – like 44th Street between 8th – 9th Avenue* Lincoln Center – many of the streets on the West Side that are free at

either 6pm or 7pm are also free on the weekends – like 56th Street

between 8th-10th Avenues* Museum mile – many streets have alt side regulations with lots of

great places to park – like 82nd Street between 3rd – 5th Avenues. Free

on weekends!* Madison Square Garden – look for streets that become free at either

6pm or 7pm in the 20’s – like 29th Street between 7th – 8th Avenues.

Many are free on weekends!* Central Park – lots of alt side regulations between Central Park West

& Amsterdam – especially above 65th Street. Also many on the East Side

between 3rd – 5th Avenues* Greenwich Village – streets near Washington Square Park are free at

night (6pm or 7pm) and/or have alt side regulations – like Sullivan

between Bleecker – 3rd Street* The peripherals are generally better places to park than in the middle

of Manhattan. Try drifting a little bit east or west – a short walk to your

destination is healthy!Always plan ahead – know in advance which streets are good and

bad places to park and make a note of where to go and where to


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