I Love RangerRob – A Central Oregon Legend

I have decided I should start a bumper sticker company for Central Oregon. People could really use the help from my designs, to get Central Oregon.Starting with Crooked River Ranch for an example. Since they seem to have such a Deer population problem. I suggest two bumper stickers. One for small cars; “I Brake For Deer”. And one for trucks with brush guards, “I Kill Deer”. I also think Crooked River Ranch would like this one, “I Only Drive 35 On The Ranch”. Since every time I drive on or off the Ranch, I always get stuck behind a slow car.Terrebonne could use one too. It would say “Was That Terrebonne?”

I think I have a pretty good idea what would be good for Redmond, how about “What’s Up With All The Trucks?”. Another one for them could be “I Park In Fear.”Now looking at Bend, it is very clear to me that this one works. “Our ByPass Goes Thru The Middle” Or “Guess Which Exit Will Get You There.”

Well, maybe I should just stay out of the bumper sticker business, since I probably would get in big trouble, but I still think the best one out there should say, “I Love Ranger Rob.”Read more at http://www.rangerrob.com

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