Athens Public Transportation in Athens Greece

Athens, the capital of Greece, is well known as a very ancient city.

Athens has succeeded to preserve its historical look while adding

Numerous modern facilities to ease the daily life for its citizens …and

of course, for its millions of yearly visitors.It was a MUST …It was a project designed with VISION and good taste.

The GREAT YEAR 2004… when all eyes were turned towards those

“celebre” Olympic Games…GREAT YEAR 2004 has been a motor to

carry THE PROJECT towards a reality.

Since then, all citizens and tourists have greatly appreciated the comfortand the rapidity of its PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION.How did Athens succeed to ease its daily life???Contribution # 1 to Athens public transportation in Athens Greece is.

A superhuman effort has been a daily concern to build up few beautiful

HIGHWAYS. From the Airport, you can get to Athens (and to the suburbs) by

Using limousine service or TAXIS…You can as well get to Athens ( and to the


Or the BUS. The ticket for the airport EXPRESS line is 2.90 euros and it is

Good for 24 hours.Contribution # 2 to Athens public transportation in Athens Greece is.

The METRO of Athens has been developed partly into a “mini- museum”…

Several antiquities and mommies can be seen as you pass by to get to your

destination.Contribution # 3 to Athens public transportation in Athens Greece is.

The public transport system has highly improved: BUSES, STREETS-CARS,

TAXIS will give you a ride for more than a reasonable rate.

A particular note you should remember about TAXIS : you can stop a taxi

In the street (by pointing your index up) even if other people are already inside

the car. After you will have informed the driver about your destination, he will

drive you….if his destination matches yours…of course…Contribution # 4 to Athens public transportation in Athens Greece is.

The STREETS-CARS (or Trolleys) are very accessible in the city. They bring

A colourful atmosphere in the city. It is very pleasant to ride in the

Trolleys…They have wide windows so the passengers can easily see outside.Contribution # 5 to Athens public transportation in Athens Greece is.

ATHENS PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION will take you everywhere in the city as well as in the suburbs.

The Trolley will take you to the sea if you like….there are several beaches close tothe city: many of them are Municipal Beaches. Beaches are public. They have become very accessible to people who like to travel by Trolley.

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